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Kraft Mylar Bags

Kraft Mylar bags are a sustainable packaging solution that you can use to store both dry and wet products. The bags’ thick film material allows the product to stay fresh longer, while also being sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of shipping. When choosing between Kraft Mylar and other types of Kraft bags wholesale, it’s important to consider your product and how it will be used. For example, if you have a delicate item that needs minimal protection during transport, then a thick Mylar bag may not be appropriate. Mylar Bags Pro offers reliable eco-friendly storage Solutions with our Kraft Mylar Bags. Get in touch with us via call at +1 475 264 4681. Our experts are ready to facilitate you with the best possible option. 

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Packaging Procedure

If your product is heavy or bulky, however, then a thicker mylar bag will make sense for sturdier items like tires or furniture parts. Heat sealing our sturdy Kraft gift bags is an optional step that can further extend the life of your packaged liquid, powder, or dry commodity. The PET film used in the lining of our small kraft paper bags complies with FDA and other standards for safe food storage and handling. Get in touch with our support staff and explain your idea and the bags’ intended usage. Our experts will assist you with the entire purchase and ordering process.

 Go Green With Custom Kraft Mylar Bags

Kraft Mylar Bags offer a sustainable packaging solution for your product or package. The mylar bag was invented in the 1940s and used in space to protect equipment from the insulating properties of the vacuum. Today mylar has wide uses as a non-polar film and an insulator. These bags are a popular choice in packaging applications. Especially when it comes to preventing contamination or damage to products during transport. The mylar bag is a thin film of material that is made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) that has been bonded with mylar film. Brown Kraft paper bags have many uses including food packaging, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and cosmetics.

How Custom Kraft Mylar Bags Are Made?

Mylar Bags Pro offers sustainable packaging solutions for the food industry with our Kraft Mylar Bags range. Our Kraft handle bags are made of mylar film, which is a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) film. We design these premium-quality bags for long-term storage and preservation of products in retail, food service, and healthcare environments.

Advantages of Kraft Mylar Bags

The advantage of these paper Kraft bags wholesale is that they can be used to wrap and store items such as slices of bread, pastries, vegetables, and fruits. Each bag is individually wrapped in foil with a paper or plastic liner inside, which protects the contents from oxygen ingress while maintaining freshness. The foil lining allows air circulation throughout the bag while preventing any moisture or condensation from building up inside it. These Kraft bags with handles have an easy peel-open feature at one end so that when necessary you can simply lift off the top flap of foil surrounding your product within seconds!
A recent study shows that when wrapping bread using Kraft Mylar Bag results in a significant reduction in spoilage rates. It is way better than traditional methods like waxed paper wrapping which requires further refrigeration after wrapping. In fact, most studies show that using this method helps keep your edibles fresh for longer.

Kraft Mylar Bags Are A Sustainable Packaging Solution

Kraft Mylar Bags are made with a sturdy material that does not let any humidity get in the bags. These bags are a great choice for any product that needs to be marketed in stores to increase sales. You can use these bags for a wide range of products including food items, cosmetic products, dry goods like flour and sugar, cannabis, herbs, dry fruits, and even chemicals.
These paper Kraft bags with handles are sold in bulk the piece at affordable rates per piece. They are durable and easy to seal using heat seals or twist ties. The bags can withstand temperatures from -40°F to 250°F without losing their integrity or causing damage to the contents inside them. You can use these resealable bags several times before needing replacement because they do not degrade over time like other types of plastic bags do when exposed to high heat or cold temperatures.

Uses of Kraft Mylar Bags

Sturdy kraft mylar bags wholesale are commonly used to package Coffee, tea, snacks, miscellaneous food items, and other items. It offers a great benefit to protecting any product which also provides an excellent means of long-term storage. These bags are FDA-approved for contact with food. So, you know whatever you put inside won’t go bad due to exposure to the elements.
For your convenience, we have a wide range of packaging options, featuring Kraft paper bags with handles with zippers, windows, and heat-sealable features. Mylar Bags Pro carries a wide variety of mylar and Kraft bags.
Be the epitome of elegance with our white Kraft bags. However, no matter what style of bag you end up buying, it may be altered to suit your specific requirements. Include your company’s name and a description of the contents.

There Is So Much You Can Do with The Candy Bags!

Customization is a fun job, only when you know how to enjoy the task. Coating not just provides protection to the custom candy bags but adds class and increases their value too. So, how many types of coating can you expect from Mylar Bags Pro? These are as follows:

  • Matte Coating
  • Gloss Coating

If you think that packaging is just about wrapping the candies inside the bags, then you need to level up your knowledge about the field.

Add-Ons Choices for Kraft Mylar Bags:

To make your brown paper Kraft bags you can opt from our amazing Add-Ons range.

  1. Spot UV
  2. Window Patching
  3. Hot Stamping
  4. Embossing/Debossing

Printing Choices For Kraft Mylar Bags:

Printing can add a wow appeal to your plain Kraft bags. We offer these printing options for your Kraft Mylar Bags.

  1. Offset Printing
  2. Digital Printing
  3. Color Printing


To get  a view of your final product of Kraft brown paper bags beforehand, you can ask for these prototypes

  1. 2d Flat View
  2. 3d Folding Video
  3. Physical Sampling

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Our wholesale clients have the option of purchasing standard Kraft mylar bags, which not only speeds up manufacturing and shipment but also allows for complete personalization. We provide both glossy and matte Kraft mylar bags, and we can modify them to incorporate your company’s logo, colors, and advertising, as well as any text you’d like. Got another question about personalization? Get in touch with us so we can begin working on your unique wholesale Kraft bags purchase!

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